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Flights to Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is served by four airports. Each one with its own function. At Stockholm Arlanda land more than 80 airlines: it is the main hub for international and intercontinental routes, used as well by Scandinavian Airlines. At Stockholm Bromma Airport land regional, national and international flights to Stockholm, including those of Malmö Aviation. Finally, Stockholm Skavsta and Stockholm Västerås airports are dedicated to low cost flights to Stockholm operated by Ryanair and Wizz Air. There are almost 26 million passengers in transit during the year in Stockholm airports: 20 million only at Stockholm Arlanda.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport – ARN

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is the busiest airport in Sweden, situated in the city of Sigtuna, 40 km away from Stockholm city centre. It’s an innovative hub, for several reasons: it has a separated shopping area, called Sky City, and it’s the greenest airport in the world, with an intense activity turned towards environment protection and the compensation of harmful emissions produced by flights. The airport develops on 4 Terminals: T2 and T5 for international flights and T3 and T4 for regional flights.

At Terminal 2 land flights by several airlines, such as the low cost Norwegian Air Shuttle and Air Berlin, on the Berlin-Stockholm route. Terminal 3, instead, is dedicated to regional flights operated by Nextjet and Skyways Express.

At T4 arrive flights by Sas, the Sweden, Denmark and Norway national airline that cover different routes, such as Göteborg-Stockholm, Åre-Östersund-Stockholm, Malmö-Stockholm and Umeå-Stockholm.

Terminal 5 is the most important at Stockholm Arlanda airport because it host passengers of international and intercontinental flights operated by more than 40 airlines. T5 is used by Airflot for flights from Moscow, by Air China for Beijing-Stockholm flights, by air France on the Paris-Stockholm route, by British Airways for daily flights from London-Heathrow and by Iberia on the route from Madrid to Stockholm. Other international airlines landing at T5 are Lufthansa, with flight from Berlin, Frankfurt and Hamburg and TAP Portugal operating on the Lisbon-Stockholm route.

The four Terminals are connected by a free shuttle service. The Sky City shopping area is situated between T4 and T5, while Arlanda Visitor Center is at your disposal at Terminal 5’s Arrival Lounge. For those who stopover in Stockholm and need to sleep inside Stockholm Arlanda Airport, can stay at Radisson Blu SkyCity Hotel, located between terminal 4 and 5. Other hotels near Stockholm Arlanda Airport are Ibis Stockholm Arlanda Airport, 1,5 km away from the airport, connected by free shuttles and STF Jumbo Stay Stockholm, housed in an old 747 Boeing.

Stockholm-Bromma Airport – BMA

The nearest airport to Stockholm is Stockholm Bromma, about ten kilometres from the city centre. It is a national and regional airport, used by Malmö Aviation on Gothenburg-Stockholm and Malmö-Stockholm routes. Other carriers that land in Stockholm-Bromma are Brussels Airlines with flights Brussels-Stockholm and Finnair operating the Helsinki-Stockholm flights. There are many hotels near Stockholm-Bromma Airport, including the 4-star Brommavik Malmö, a few minutes away from Stockholm Central Station, and the 3-star Flyghotellet, near the Judarskogen Nature Reserve.

Stockholm Skavsta Airport – NYO

Stockholm Skavsta Airport, a hundred kilometres away from Stockholm, is the third busiest airport in Sweeden, with almost 2.5 million passengers per year. It is the reference hub for cheap flights to Stockholm by Ryanair and Wizz Air. Ryanair operates on more than 40 destinations, while Wizz Air offers flight on a few routes, such as Belgrade-Stockholm, Budapest-Stockholm, Gdańsk-Stockholm, Warsaw-Stockholm. The airport also hosts Connect Hotel, with 145 rooms, which offers the possibility to choose the Queek Sleep solution.

Stockholm-Västerås Airport- VST

Even Västerås Airport is located a hundred kilometres away from Stockholm. It is mostly used by Ryanair for international flights from Barcelona Girona to Stockholm and from Rome Ciampino to Stockholm. Due to the geographical position, it is subject to frequent and heavy snowfalls during winter, for this reason the airport is often closed up in this periods. Inside the airport there are no hotels (as the airport closes at night to re-open early in the morning,) but there are many hotels near Stockholm-Västerås airport within a few minutes’ taxi ride, such as the First Hotel Plaza, a magnificent 4-star hotel with rooms and restaurants with panoramic views of the city and Lake Mälaren.

How to reach Stockholm Arlanda, Bromma, Skavsta e Västerås Airports

From Arlanda Airport, the easiest way to reach Stockholm is by train, the Arlanda Express, to reach Stockholm Central Station in 20 minutes. Inside the airport there are two train stations, Arlanda Södra accessible from Terminal 2, 3 e 4 e Arlanda Norra at Terminal 5. From the Arlanda airport leave many buses that reach the city centre within 10 minutes.

At Stockholm Airports there are Flyhbussarna stops, assuring connection between the airports and the central station. With Traveleurope you have the chance to rent a car at the Airport in Stockholm, reach the city centre by car and deliver it at one of the associated car rental agencies around the city.

About Stockholm

Stockholm is the capital and largest city of Sweden. It is the site of the national Swedish government, the parliament, and the official residence of the Swedish monarch. As of 2008, the Stockholm metropolitan area is home to around 21% of Sweden's population and contributes 35% of Sweden's...

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