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Flights to Vilnius, Lithuania

Travellers who land with flights to Vilnius at the international airport of the Lithuanian capital city find themselves in a very functional setting with fast check-in and check-out procedures. In 2012 there were more than 2.2 million travellers who decided to buy a ticket to Vilnius from one of the 17 airlines who serve the airport. The increasing in the number of tourists and business travellers over the last few years is due to the admission of Lithuania in the European Union and the new tourist policies set out by the local Government.

Vilnius Airport - VNO

Vilnius Airport, the main Lithuanian airport, had to face a deep crisis during 2008 after flyLAL breakdown and the choice of AirBaltic to transfer its routes to other airports. In the following years, thanks to flights to Vilnius operated by the Latvian airline based in Riga, the opening of new routes from different European cities and the use of the airport for low cost flights, Vilnius airport gains a new lease of life. The Airport has been renovated and check-in and check-out services improved.

Today, all European capitals are connected to Vilnius: Aeroflot covers the Moscow-Vilnius route, Air Europe the one from Madrid to Vilnius, Finnair lands at Vilnius with flights from Helsinki, while LOT offers Tbilisi-Vilnius flights. Moreover Lufthansa proposes flights Brussels-Vilnius and both low cost airlines, Wizz Air and Ryanair, Milan-Vilnius flights.

In the surroundings of the Lithuanian capital there are different accommodation options. The closest hotel is AirInn Vilnius Hotel, a 3-star hotel, less than 50 metres from the Arrival Terminal. On the route to Vilnius, whose historical centre is less than 6 kilometres away from the airport, there are Amicus Hotel, 3-star hotel suitable both for tourist and business travellers, and Egas Motel, one of the cheapest in town.

How to get to Vilnius from the airport

Connection between the International Airport and Vilnius are assured by buses. Over the last two years a new stretch of the light railway has been opened, leading passengers to the central train station. People who prefer to get to the Lithuanian capital by car can rent a car at Vilnius airport and return it to one of the car rentals in town.

About Vilnius

Vilnius is the largest city and the capital of Lithuania, with a population of 555,613 as of 2008. It is the seat of the Vilnius city municipality and of the Vilnius district municipality. It is also the capital of Vilnius County. Currently Vilnius is the European Capital of Culture.

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Flights to Vilnius

Flights Liverpool - Vilnius

€ 70 round trip ticket LPL - VNO
flight sold this week
outbund: 18 December 2019 - return: 25 December 2019

Flights London - Vilnius

€ 117 round trip ticket STN - VNO
Bashkir Airlines flight sold 2 days ago
outbund: 20 December 2019 - return: 22 December 2019

Flights Glasgow - Vilnius

€ 130 round trip ticket GLA - VNO
flight sold this week
outbund: 15 December 2019 - return: 22 December 2019

Flights Dublin - Vilnius

€ 135 round trip ticket DUB - VNO
Aer Lingus flight sold this month
outbund: 12 December 2019 - return: 17 December 2019

Flights Milan - Vilnius

€ 141 round trip ticket BGY - VNO
flight sold this month
outbund: 23 November 2019 - return: 27 November 2019

Flights Barcelona - Vilnius

€ 165 round trip ticket BCN - VNO
flight sold this week
outbund: 15 December 2019 - return: 18 December 2019

Flights Eindhoven - Vilnius

€ 165 round trip ticket EIN - VNO
flight sold this month
outbund: 08 December 2019 - return: 15 December 2019

Flights Rome - Vilnius

€ 168 round trip ticket CIA - VNO
flight sold this month
outbund: 26 November 2019 - return: 01 December 2019