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About Parma

Parma is a city in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna famous for its architecture and the fine countryside around it. It is the home of the University of Parma, one of the oldest universities in the world. Parma is divided into two parts by the little stream with the same name.

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Flights to Parma

Flights Cagliari - Parma

€ 19 round trip ticket CAG - PMF
flight latest booking 21 August 2014
outbund: 09 October 2014 - return: 13 October 2014

Flights Alghero - Parma

€ 37 round trip ticket AHO - PMF
Ryanair flight sold this month
outbund: 07 October 2014 - return: 14 October 2014

Flights Trapani - Parma

€ 49 round trip ticket TPS - PMF
flight sold this week
outbund: 22 October 2014 - return: 29 October 2014

Flights London - Parma

€ 52 round trip ticket STN - PMF
Ryanair flight sold this month
outbund: 13 October 2014 - return: 17 October 2014